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Red Hair Girl

Sports Dreams

Garage Project music series

Dream Pop

Sports Dreams is Shannen Petersen and Fraser Williams, purveyors of synthy-guitary-emo dream pop - or ‘music’. They’re formerly of Palmerston North and are now vaguely of Wellington, in the sense that they spend more time on the state highway/train line between the two towns than they do in either of them.
They released their self-titled EP in 2019 via Papaiti Records, and instead of playing shows in 2020 they thought it would be more fun to stack up some airline credit. They’ve been musicians since the literal dawn of time and didn’t actually intend to start another ‘real’ band, but it happened and it seems to be going pretty ok so far. When asked by Radio New Zealand about what they have in common, aside from music, they really struggled to answer and still aren’t too sure. They’ll have a suggestion box out for your ideas.


19 Feb


7:15 PM

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