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Red Hair Girl

Oh Sweet Nothings

Garage Project music series

Indie Punk

Oh Sweet Nothings are a Pōneke-based indie/post-alternative/post-post-punk, 3-sometimes-4-piece rock-n-roll band, known in the local underground music scene for their high-energy live performances and subversive songwriting style. OSN write songs about life, love, shoes and sealions, adding quirky instrumentation (kazoos, maracas, toy recorders, op shop keyboards...) to their take on the classic "guitar band" sound. They are purveyors of whimsical love songs for the depressed and self-obsessed; self-subverting shanties for the self-doubtfuls; and fun, silly adventurous music for the lonely and desperate.

“You guys sound messy… but in a tight way.” - Random audience member of house party gig
""I thought you were coming in on the 8 and you came in on the 6! That's hot!' - Tim and Eric" - Nick from OddJive
“...clever and charming...” - Finn Johansson
“Pretty erratic chord progressions...” - also Finn Johansson
"They're alright" - Clarrie's Mum


25 Feb


7:15 PM

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