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Red Hair Girl


Garage Project music series

Progressive Funk

Nick met Jared, after cutting his teeth in Wellington’s jam scene and gigging with Christchurch psychedelic-rock band, Lupus Lunar. They soon began jamming together. Along with original drummer, Sam Botting, the trio quickly discovered a mutual love of funk and jazz fusion and with their combined virtuosity found a natural penchant for playing progressive elements, in particular fusing the catchy grooves of funk over odd time signatures. OddJive creatively drew from their inspirations melding elements of hip-hop, metal, and punk, creating a spectrum of genres and sounds within a single piece.

In order to complete the sound they felt would define OddJive, Kaito Walley was recruited on trombone, with his talent providing the brass hooks and dreamscape solos that would unite the band’s sound definitively.

Taylah Barker (vocals), Jared Doe (Bass), Guy Chisholm (Drums), Kaito Walley (Trombone), and Nick Baldwin (Guitar/Vocals).


28 Feb


6:00 PM

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