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Red Hair Girl


Garage Project music series

Electronic Dance Music

LOTU has blended techno and silky house music with a flare of melodic chord progressions. His music paints a colourful representation of electronic dance music, to express his roots to the electronic music scene. LOTU has played for various New Zealand shows from Louis Baker to Client Liaison and shows such as the afterparty for the Vodafone Music Artisan Awards and various Eyegum Wednesdays.
LOTU’s recent exhibit Frame of Mind is a four part audiovisual work exploring how a devised creative process can be focused on expressing a specific emotion through an audiovisual domain. Frame of Mind aims to convey LOTU’s self-reflection, visions, and sound design as time capsules of his personal experiences. Through the development of this project he has devised a creative process which attended to themes of growth, complacency, isolation and autonomy.


18 Feb


8:30 PM

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