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Red Hair Girl

Kikorangi Problem Solver

Waterfront series

Mark Harvey

Mutual imaginings and mutual confessions, mutual concerns and mutual apologies...
Kikorangi Problem Solver is be a new durational and endurance performance by Mark Harvey, that
intends to operate through notions of social sculpture with performance art, live art and spectator participation. A giant blue (Kikorangi) fabric sheet becomes a stage for an exchange of critical understandings about politics, both daily and governmental, where passes by are invited to participate in a series of improvised activities – a mischievous form of collective ‘public civics-on-speed, surrounded by light blue’ where ‘we solve the world’s problems together here and now’.

The work is a development on various recent works of Harvey’s such as Productive Bodies (Letting Space, City Gallery, 2012), Turquoisation for the coming storm (Te Tuhi, Auckland, 2016), Helper’s High (Liveworks, Performance Space, Sydney, 2017) and We can shift the world together (The Performance Arcade, 2020).


18 Feb, 19 Feb, 20 Feb, 21 Feb



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