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Red Hair Girl

Heavy Chest

Garage Project music series

Indie Rock

The soulful sound of Heavy Chest originated from the waves of Whangamata and the bustle of an Auckland lifestyle. The Trio started as a solo project by vocalist and lead guitarist Andre Smith. Once moving down to Wellington he started playing solo shows and released the bands debut album ‘Pre Heat’ after the release he was joined by Josh Brown on the Drums and Joe Shepheard on the Bass to bring the sound of the album to the live stage.

Andre then moved to Europe playing solo shows in Milan, Switzerland, France and joining Mild Orange on their European tour in Amsterdam playing at iconic venue Paradiso. Returning to New Zealand the trio got back to work self producing the recently released popular singles. ‘Just You’, ‘Shoulders/Spine’ and ‘Amsterdam’.


26 Feb


10:00 PM

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