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Red Hair Girl

General Vibe

Garage Project music series


Born in the U.K and raised in Auckland, General Vibe aka Joe Shepheard draws his musical inspiration from 90’s hip-hop, trip-hop, soul, indie and RnB. Joe began writing poetry in his youth, started making beats in his teens, and over the years began developing his own sound and experimenting with alternative genres. He began his musical production journey in hip-hop and over time has begun forming his own iconic sound.
Joe released his debut album ‘Kyliptus’ in 2016 and has since released a large body of works and performed countless gigs throughout Wellington and the country, playing at events such as Newtown Festival, Twisted Frequency and Mirimarvelous.

General Vibe hopes to open people’s hearts to feel emotions whether they be happy, sad or just a little odd. He prides himself on his groovy backbeats, powerful and well though-out lyrics and a unique and interesting performance and sound.


28 Feb,


4:30 PM

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