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Red Hair Girl

Fletcher Mills

Garage Project music series

Electronic R&B

Fletcher’s first musical influences started in the classrooms and choirs he frequented through school, but after moving to Berlin in 2018, RnB and Electronica have become primary influences for his art. Fletcher aims to write music with enough lyricism to attract the conscious listeners, but also incorporates the atmospheric role of electronic music.
Over the past year, he has started to be influenced by the world-leading electronic scene in Berlin, and is now incorporating RnB drums with synthesizers and classical elements for a unique, digestible experience.
Fletcher wants to offer something unique to RnB fans in the way of electronic elements, and something unique to Electronic fans in the way of Classical/RnB elements. While RnB is often more appropriate with a conscious listener and a focus on lyricism, electronic music is more influenced by the atmosphere it creates. He is hoping to find the medium between these two.


28 Feb,


3:00 PM

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