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Red Hair Girl


Container series

Amy Miller and Daniel Cruden

Eureka explores Archimedes’ principal, “The theory of displacement”. Legend has it that Archimedes discovered his famous theory of displacement while taking a bath. He realised the water that overflowed equalled the volume of the submerged part of his body. He was so excited that he ran naked through the streets shouting “Eureka, Eureka!” This project reimagines the principles of Archimedes theory through a relationship between the ocean, a diving board, the participant and an overflowing bath. When someone enters the bath, the Archimedes principal becomes apparent as the bath overflows. These two sites act independently but become a collective when affliction is established between the two spaces - creating a ‘Eureka’ moment.


18 Feb, 19 Feb, 20 Feb, 21 Feb, 25 Feb, 26 Feb, 27 Feb, 28 Feb


10am - 11pm

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