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Red Hair Girl


Container series

Anna Umali

Emoticons is of a mute, static crowd of depersonalized figures. Paper bag masks are worn by performers who are still and silent. The audience can interact by choosing their own paper bag mask to wear and join the group of mute performers. The masks take away each person’s identity, allowing a controlled emotion to be projected to the public while burying a person’s own characteristics and emotions. Emoticons takes away the attributes of an individual and captures a pure emotion, manipulating what the audience sees. The audience is then responding to a depersonalized environment, where one person does not stand out from the crowd. Emoticons was first performed in The Performance Arcade 2013 LiveLab Series.


18 Feb, 19 Feb, 20 Feb, 21 Feb, 25 Feb, 26 Feb, 27 Feb, 28 Feb


10am - 11pm

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