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Poneke Punk

DARTZ is the band from Wellington, New Zealand. Since igniting onto the Wellington scene in 2019, the DARTZ boys have quickly gained a reputation for their energetic live sets, relatable lyrics and party-starting tunes packed with rowdy singalong choruses.
The first year of DARTZ saw the Põneke punks release their debut EP, play support to bands like The Chats and Miss June, and play every Wellington gig and house party they could - including playing a world record 14 flats in one day for Crate Day.
With the release of their latest single, certified summer banger ‘High at the Beach’, the DARTZ boys are staring down the barrel of a rark-heavy summer—filled to the brim with froth and staying true to their mission of bringing the party to every gig they play.
DARTZ are Crispy on the gat, Clark on bass, Danz on the shouts, and Rollyz on drums.
Give em a geez on the old IG @smokedartz, they follow back no matter whatz.


25 Feb


8:30 PM

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