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Red Hair Girl


Garage Project music series

South Seas Psych-Rock

Birdfeeder’s sound is unique. Led by piano/keyboard player and songwriter Stephanie Cairns, the Wellington trio’s brand of ‘south seas psych-rock’ is characterised by unearthly melodies, surprising rhythmic shifts, vintage timbres and lyrical themes ranging from the personal to the political to the cosmic. Birdfeeder’s show unfolds like a storybook with a colourful collage of times, places and moods, calling to mind antique carnival calliopes, 1980s dance floors, medieval meadows and 60s acid trips.
While this may sound complex, Birdfeeder steers clear of the obtuse territory of “prog” by adhering to pop composition principles, and a stripped back instrumentation of keyboards, bass and drums. Comparisons have been made both to the art-pop of Kate Bush, and the weirdo folk of Aldous Harding.


26 Feb


7:15 PM

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