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Red Hair Girl


Garage Project music series

Indie Pop

Belladonna’s observations about the quirks of everyday life have become loaded one-liners, like “the aftertaste of you waits in the room, dancing flames in the fire, ashes in the morning”. These biographical lyrics paired with catchy melodies became the trademark of her fun blend of indie pop.
In 2019 she moved to Auckland to finally put music at the forefront. Hunkered down at
Parachute Studios, she wrote an impressive batch of songs, dipped her feet into co-writing and began committing her quirky pop tunes to tape. She found a kindred spirit in Shannon Fowler, the brains behind alt-pop outfit Tom Lark. With Fowler at the helm, Belladonna’s debut release took shape, full of driving guitars, synths, and colourful embellishments set against unapologetically Kiwi vocals.


19 Feb


6:00 PM

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