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Red Hair Girl

Barry & The Crumpets

Garage Project music series

Bluegrass Folk-Funk

Barry & the Crumpets prides themselves on encouraging the crowd to get up and dance.
They follow in the folk tradition by playing songs and tunes that are as old as the hills. The selection is largely Americana as well as Celtic, English and even New Zealand folk music. The way they play doesn’t fit any one mould however, the roles of each instrument won’t always be what’s expected and they love experimenting with new rhythms. You’ll definitely recognise at least one of the songs they play, but won’t quite have heard it done their way before.
They like to take the audience on a journey, often starting with a couple of foot stompers before taking things down a notch to allow people to relax before ramping it up to a finale that you can’t help but dance to.


21 Feb


3:00 PM

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