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Red Hair Girl

Androgynous Lemon

Garage Project music series

Soulful Inter-Galactic Funk

Equal parts male and female, Androgynous Lemon pluck from soul, jazz, psych and pop.
Keys dialled up to 11, and energy not far behind, the Wellington four piece forage whimsical hooks, screaming synths, growling low ends and slick, tasty grooves. A perfect brew for inter-galactic punch.
The aim of an Androgynous Lemon live show is to bring joy and catharsis through energy and engagement. Amy Bonsor’s soulful lyricism hit audiences in their hearts, and as rhythm duo Reuben & Nikita keep them entranced, synthmaster James soars above delivering fans a special sprinkle of spice.


20 Feb


6:00 PM

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