Nicholas Shackleton

Nick builds clean and compact but extravagantly imaginative installations. They are scrupulous blueprints of his own memories through surpassed technologies. As childhood companions, these consoles, tablets and Tamagotchi’s will be tinged with nostalgia more and more in the age of the smartphone race. Nicholas holds a BSc from the University of Sydney. Recents exhibitions include Ubiquity, Sunday Night Club 2018, and Bells and Whistles, Playstation Gallery 2019.



A video mask that allows participants to wear the image of their own face on a TV as a mask, to produce playful interactions between the body, technology, and their spectators. The mask uses four 19” Dell monitors on the exterior, with four micro drone cameras on the inside, with each screen broadcasting the corresponding camera inside the box. The interactions between viewer and participant highlight the dynamics of public and private spaces.

Once inside the mask the participant receives no feedback. The walls are black and the lights are bright. They are vulnerable and are seen from all angles. Focus is drawn entirely to their face. This juxtaposition between the viewer and the viewed produces a heightened sense of awareness around the ideals of seeing and being seen.

Thanks to Max Pirrit for helping out

Supported by Wellington City Council Public Art Fund

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