Mick Douglas

Amaara Raheem and Mick Douglas make contemporary art experiences employing performance, movement, events, video, sound and writing. They presented Wake (2016) and Wake Make (2017) at The Performance Arcade.

Mick Douglas is a performance artist whose work explores duration, material intraaction, socially engagement, sound, and modes of movement. He has performed and exhibited widely, including at the Museum of Old and New Art (MONA) Hobart, Everson Museum of Art New York, and The Performance Arcade New Zealand. He recently made a series of ‘Circulations’ installation performances around the world with the medium of salt as part of the Performance Studies International PSi#21 2015 project Fluid States. Mick is Associate Professor of transdisciplinary creative practice at RMIT University.

Amaara Raheem is a choreographer, dancer and writer whose collaborators include Swedish conceptual artists Goldin+Senneby, French choreographer Xavier LeRoy, and situations artist Tino Senegal. She is currently completing a creative practice research doctorate exploring dance, speaking and writing as practices of being in residence. In 2016 she was artist-in-residence aboard a cargo ship for 23 Days at Sea.


UNCHART is a harbor-side, participatory, performative art work that undertakes an accumulative creative journey responding to a collection of 200 paper-print marine charts. These charts of waters and lands all around the world – issued between 1890 and 2019 – endeavor to map the interplay between the earth’s terrestrial and liquid surfaces. Historically, such cartographic survey documents have been used as a form of knowledge capture and transmission deployed for human purposes varying from colonisation and resource extraction, to navigating commercial trade, travel and recreation between lands bridged by waters.

UNCHART explores decolonising this objectifying and representational way of knowing, and de-centring the human from the anthropocene, so as to re-value and engage with relational ways of intra-actively knowing lands and waters enmeshed in changing earthly forces.

UNCHART proceeds through a daily cyclical rhythm of four presentation modes offering different experiences for PA visitors.

Supported by Wellington City Council Public Art Fund

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