Michał Stankiewicz

Michał's works for theatre focuses on designing situations that could create events wholly autonomous from the performance itself. Inspired by performance, post-conceptual art, narrative strategies in VR, sandbox video games as well as studies in phenomenology, cognitivism, and neuroaesthetics. While creating the scenic space, he looks for random events and undirected places. The idea underpinning this approach is to treat the bodies of audience members as a medium for sensing reality. This is primarily to change the direction of seeing: away from the stage and further inward. He has participated in Polish and foreign residencies and festivals. his MA thesis was titled “Man as a tool in embodied reportage” (2009). He likes to compare my own work to preparing a dinner for friends or taking a bath together in an ice-cold river.


The Method of National Constellations

A theatre game, during which the audience are equipped with silent disco headphones and lead through a private and public journey of re-enacting a tragedy from a distant Eurpoean land. Their journey to the Structure gives life to an instant dramaturgy, made of choices and personal relations, in the closest micro-world, where intuition, dream and imagination thrive. In the game-journey, spectators become Users: they make use of, perform, oppose, comprehend, familiarize, try out, and eventually, try on the situation.

We build upon the word “experience”, from the verb “to experience, try out, explore, try on, practice”. The concept of the performance is based on the mechanism of adopting and performing social roles; it tests the boundaries of power that roles and situations have over an individual. Some sociologists describe social structures as a system of connections between social positions and places we occupy in the social space, and not between specific individuals. If we look at the social world from this perspective, our imagination will inevitably hint at the idea of taking someone else’s place.

Script, director: Michał Stankiewicz
Narration: Joanna Żurawska Federowicz/Dobromir Dymecki
Music – Kajetan Łukomski
Script – Karol Dworakowski, Piotr Sułkowski

Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Wellington

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