Louise Lin

Stella St. Lune is a poet with a love for the macabre, surreal and beautifully grotesque. She is best known for her spoken word and has a particular fondness for phonetics, though she also enjoys the challenge of trapping words in text and leaving their sounds to the whim of the reader’s imagination. She uses stream of consciousness writing to ambush her own mind and acquaint herself with the strange little creatures that play beyond the grasp of day to day awareness. She looks forward to discovering them with you.


The artist curates a selection a live free-writing space where guest writers are invited to inhabit the container with their thoughts and words for two hours at a time. When we write, our thoughts are filtered through the medium of written language. filter//free gives us the chance to observe and be closer to someone's inner world. With the words crawling across an empty screen, audiences will follow the journey that thoughts make to become words on a page. Writing will be experienced as a live, performed action and written words will take on the character of gesture, oration, and dance.

Writers: Louise Lin, Mary Barnett. Stella St. Lune, & Zoe Higgins

Supported by Wellington City Council Public Art Fund

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