Katrina Elizabeth Bastian

Katrina began her choreographic career at Reed College in Portland, Oregon, where she investigated the phenomenon of the grotesque in dance and literature. She then moved on to a choreographic residency at the San Francisco Conservatory of Dance and soon joined the Orian Theatre Dance Company of Paris, France. Katrina has worked with choreographers and artists in Europe, the United Kingdom, and the United States. Her choreographic work has been featured throughout Europe. In 2019 she graduated from the Hochschulübergreifendes Zentrum Tanz with a Masters in Choreography.

Musician and developer Flinn Gendall has been working as a composer primarily for theatrical productions, including as in-house composer for the Making Friends Collective, his acousmatic work has also been featured in WFLS (Works for Loudspeakers) and Audio Foundation exhibitions. Flinn is interested in emergent systems in art, using his computer science knowledge to set up game-like interactive pieces or completely independent stochastic processes.


Zugzwang 2020

A treadmill functions as site and symbol of the pressures of daily life. The artist is trapped on this machine as she performs a series of choreographed gestures. Participants are invited to control the speed, offer water, or even take a turn running as she labours to keep up with the task she has set herself and the capricious whims of passers by.

Concept, Choreography, & Performance: Katrina E. Bastian,
Sound Design: Flinn Gendall
Technical Support: Joseph Gendall

Supported by Wellington City Council Public Art Fund

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