Juliana Durán

A Colombian visual artist who came to New Zealand after receiving a scholarship to complete a Master in Fine Arts at ELAM, Auckland University. Currently one of the artist in residence at Studio One Toi Tu, Auckland (2019/2020).
Her work has been exhibited in independent spaces, contemporary art galleries and museums in her country of origin. Furthermore, during the extent of the degree, she participated in collective exhibitions in Projectspace, George Fraser Gallery, and ELAM building. Her thesis project “Four meters from my Pituitary” was exhibited in the Colombian consulate as part of the strengthening program between countries for 3 months.


Words I don’t understand but I know

Tiny dioramas of floating objects that appear to defy gravity and sit upon the surface of the water. These miniature installations play on the concept of ‘the island’ as an isolated entity surrounded by an unfamiliar presence. This installation aims to represent the symbolic places of the island; allowing branches, stones and light to metamorphose into something unfamiliar.

Supported by Wellington City Council Public Art Fund

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