Gijs Van Bon

Installations by Gijs van Bon are often very technical, drawing on his theatrical experience and training. Almost all of his work has a high focus on a specific action performed by a mechanism or position in the room or public space. His goal is to construct the action of the work in a certain direction which allows the viewer to experience the action differently. Through his studies (Design Academy in Eindhoven and HKU University of the Arts Utrecht) and through his own continuous technical research Van Bon has developed an exciting and innovative practice in which the concept, the audience and technology play the leading part.



A robotic device that prints text using sand, Skryf leaves a stream of letters behind him as he travels along Wellington Waterfront and Te Rārangi Māwhero (The Pink Line). Pedestrian traffic, wind, birds, and the passing of time contribute to the disintegration and scattering of those words into the elements. Sometimes quickly, sometimes slowly, this disintegrating poetry is both a lament and a celebration of everything is transitory…

Artist & concept: Gijs van Bon
Production: HH Producties

Supported by Wellington City Council Public Art Fund

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