Adibah Saad, Lipika Sen, Prabhjyot Majithia

Adibah Saad
 Her life work includes being a mother to her two boys, social documentary and commercial photography, marketing and communications, enhancing the wellbeing of individuals, groups and organisations by coaching them to be their authentic selves and living their innate purpose by combining her practice of intuitive self- healing. She is passionately involved in community work spending the past decade engaging in animal therapy volunteering with the SPCA visiting Wellington Rest Homes and Hospice as well as Chairing on the Board of Wellington City Rudolf Steiner Kindergarten and leading our Nga Rito Whanau Kapahaka at Raphael House School.
The cultural diversity of her Maori, Malay, Chinese and European heritage has taken her on a journey living as a child between Aotearoa and Malaysia and given her the life experience of being with diverse communities from all walks of life. This has fed her love of exploring the world and deepened her own understanding and living amongst different cultures. Being of mixed ethnicity she has always felt connected to everyone and the oneness of life.
Our well-being is nourished through our relationships and experiences and enriches our human experience. And as a photographer Adibah loves telling and sharing stories in our world, of our people and loves the gift of communicating from a sensory perspective, what is seen moment to moment.

Lipika Sen & Prabhjyot Majithia
 Contemporary conceptual artists and writer, Lipika Sen and Prabhjyot Majithia have been creating large scale works of Public Art and interactive art experiences, installed permanently and showcased at major art shows around New Zealand. Their multi-dimensional, socially engaged practice includes sculpture, acrylic on canvas, digital drawings, words, sound, music & film. Poignant, whimsical, philosophical, intriguing or humorous, their works communicate at several levels, creating a zone of of wonder, psychological relief, play, delight, and stories, often engaging the viewer to become a part of the work, while addressing wider concerns of social, environmental and mental wellbeing.Their landmark steel and acrylic kinetic sculpture, the 6 meter tall “Firkee Wala – In My Heart Of Eternal Childhood” can be seen spinning and twirling with the winds at the Puke Ariki Museum sea-front, New Zealand, permanently erected by the Art in Public Places Trust, New Plymouth. Their works and exhibitions can be viewed on

NZ Postcards to NZ

“NZ Postcards to NZ” is a socially engaged interactive art project, born from the shock and sadness that followed the Christchurch shootings and the pertinent need to dispel fear, confusion and the lack of knowledge that incite racism. Celebrating the diversity and inclusivity that New Zealand stands for today, it takes New Zealanders on a visual journey through travel postcards that use photographs and text to quite literally demonstrate and reveal that those who we might unthinkingly perceive as the “other” are in fact “us”. Sharing the multi-cultural richness of New Zealand’s 200 diverse ethnicities with Kiwis, the postcards become a light hearted yet engaging device to enlighten, create empathy and generate much needed conversation around diversity. 
At the Performance Arcade viewers are invited to be photographed into a “live postcard” with their chosen backdrop and props, which they can then post into a post-box at the venue to a fellow Kiwi. Optionally, they can pick and post from an exhibited collection of postcards, created by the artists while hanging out with NZ’s diverse communities in their homes, markets, cafes, playgrounds and beaches and through workshops around NZ. Individuals and communities at large are invited to create and share their own postcards online: #nzpostcardstonz IG: @nzpostcardstonz

Embassy of the Republic of Poland in WellingtonSupported by Wellington City Council Public Art Fund

Supported by Wellington Community Trust

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