A daily report and a creative response to the Arcade from invited writers, critics, theorists, and poets who have spent time at the event.

21 FEB - Opening Night

7:00pm Paper Ghost 8:00pm Hans Pucket 9:30pm Kuki Koori

22 FEB - Friday

7:00pm Harris 8:30pm Josie Moon 10:00pm Moira Jean Band

23 FEB - Saturday

4:00pm Grawlixes 5:30pm Blaek 7:00pm Anxiety Club 8:30pm Lake South 10:00pm Same Name Confusion

24 FEB - Sunday

2:00pm Freya Daly Sadgrove 3:30pm Black Spider Stomp 6:30pm Dry Waters presented by Goethe Institut

28 FEB - Thursday

4.00pm Black Spider Stomp
5:00pm DJ Kedron
6:30pm Babadabuska 8:00pm Bad Friend 9:30pm Class War on the Dance Floor

1 MAR - Friday

6:00pm Sonny Southon Music 7:30pm Johanna Amelie 8:30pm Girl Boss 10:00pm Dawn Diver

2 MAR - Saturday

4:00pm Johanna Amelie 5:30pm Monique Aiken 7:00pm Michael James Keane 8:30pm Onirists 10:00pm Myles Avery

3 MAR - Sunday

1:00pm St. Bartholomew 3:00pm Tangerine 7:00pm M.I.A 300 9:00pm Häxan

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