Diamond Angel is a wearable art performance. Geometric forms seamlessly emerge from the human body, all encased in tight shiny red latex.


The mechanical humanoid stands silent, slowly inflating and pushing the air out of its airtight skin. Sealed inside the piece, unable to see, hear or move its upper body, the performer is vulnerable and unaware of the world around them.




Adam taught himself pattern cutting and tailoring to make latex outfits for fetish nights in London (UK). His work became more and more elaborate and sculptural as he experimented with combining the use of latex with scrap building materials from his commercial set building work.


Fascinated with latex vacuum equipment that is widely used in the fetish world, Adam wanted to find a way of using it in his work. He created wearable latex vacuum pieces and installations for live performance.


As as asthmatic Adam was used to struggling for breath, this lifetime of experience had prepared him for the effort and mental coping techniques it takes to create and perform in an airtight environment.

Artist: Adam McAlavey (Electric Adam).
Co Producer: Dee O’Connell.

Thanks to Tim Warren

Supported by Wellington City Council Public Art Fund

Photo credits 
Boss (Festival Relations in Time, KuLe, Berlin, 2015) 
and  Brian McCorkle (PERFORMANCY FORUM, Panoply Performance Laboratory, New York, 2016)

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