The Performance Arcade brings together visual arts and performance in a specially curated ‘exhibition-event’ of live art practices on Wellington Waterfront. An arrangement of shipping containers and scaffold structures provides a temporary architecture for this unique project, housing a bar space, a programme of live music and events, and new performance installations by NZ and International artists. Open 13 hours a day, this event is free to the Wellington public.


The Performance Arcade is an annual Live Art mini-festival and programme of free events located on Wellington Waterfront. Since its inaugural presentation in 2011, The Performance Arcade has become a highly anticipated event with an ever-increasing international profile. In 2014 the Arcade was presented as part of the prestigious New Zealand Festival.


Using a series of architecturally arranged shipping containers, The Performance Arcade creates a series of spaces for installation, performance art, sonic art, interactive media, forums and live music. Opening onto the bustling life of the Wellington Waterfront, these sites of encounter engage the public in contemporary art and performance practices outside the familiar constraints of gallery or theatre spaces. This free event is at once playful and engaging. It is a site of discovery and interaction, offering the public a unique opportunity to immerse themselves in relevant and new Live Art experiences.


The event is open for thirteen hours each day and is curated to offer activities that range in scale from small, personal artistic encounters to live music and AV installation performed under the night skies. The 2014 event involved 39 artists, 42 musicians and 24 crew. In 2014 close to 10,000 people experienced the Arcade over five days.




Graphic Design Assistant - Luke Hoban

Graphic Design Intern - Rhiannon Bassett

Production Assistant - Grace Turner

Stage Manager - Piupiu-Maya Turei

Social Media assistant - Amelia Taverner

AV Installation and rigging - Mike Heynes

Marketing Assistant - Christian Vera

Video Marketing - Mauricio Barra

Audience Development Assistant - Marianne Chan

Photographer - Liana Pantaleo

Performance Lab Assistant - Lauren Stewart

Spatial Design Assistants

- Alana Inglis, Anneke Prins, Jinny Chin, Kristel Guieb, Raphael Roake, Amy Calvert

Website Assistants - Li Yue Lai, Jasmine Redpath, Nadrah Ibrahim

Construction co-ordinator - Manuel Saiz Kifafi

International artists liaison assistant - Jillian Davey

Event assistants - Fernando Tarango

Artistic Director/Curator

Sam Trubridge

+64  21 065 3992


Associate Director

Sascha Perfect



Virginia Kennard


Production Manager

Keely McCann

Assistant Producer

Antje Marx

Digital Director

Johann Nortje

Music Curator

Anna Edgington

Music Programme Co-ordinator

Sara Passmore

Spatial Design

Alex Sawicka-Ritchie


Construction Manager

Shaun Mallinder

Bar Manager

Beckie Lockhart

Sound Technician

Charlie Rodgers


Grace Morgan-Riddell


Arcade NZ Live Art Trust
Chair - Richard Chiu

Treasurer - Tom Horder

Secretary - Kate Ricketts

Trustee - Sam Trubridge

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