Te Whanganui a Tara/Wellington


Founded in 2011, The Performance Arcade is a free, award-winning festival of live art, music and performance.

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60,000-90,000 People

For two weekends every summer, 60-90,000 people come to Wellington waterfront to experience a diverse programme of works installed within an architectural arrangement of shipping containers.

Art inside Containers

Opening onto the bustling life of the Wellington Waterfront, these sites engage the public in contemporary art and performance practices outside the familiar constraints of gallery or theatre spaces.

223_PA 2021 ICON PINK.png
223_PA 2021 ICON PINK.png

Local & international artists

Every year, an exciting selection of performance and installation works from acclaimed NZ and International artists sit alongside a line-up of Aotearoa’s best live music acts brought to you in 2021 by Garage Project.