3R Performative Art Residency

Janaína Moraes, Joanna Cook, Adam Ben-Dror & Caio Silva

(Tāmaki Makaurau / Auckland & Pōneke / Wellington)

3R explores modes of sustaining togetherness, repairing life-ness and re-considering our value systems under the motifs of 3R: Recycling language through Residual performances for Revenues of anti-waste. In The Performance Arcade 2022, the project takes the shape of a performative art residency, during which we will build an inventory of resources as we seek/find/gather “waste” matters, materials and materialities from the surrounding community.

3R is a 24/7 multimodal emergent performance that desires a changing (and growing) landscape of re-life(d) “waste” to be witnessed through multifarious stages of (re)creation. Audience members are welcome(d) to (re)create with us.

We invite you to re-think performativities of making,
exercise the practice of
reducing expectations.
explore difference and
repair life by repairing to life.

10am - 10pm, 17-20 & 24-27 Feb | Te Whanganui-a-Tara (behind Te Papa) | FREE

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Creative Team


Janaína Moraes has been working with dance improvisation since 2012. Her practice-led research delves into the idea of choreographic and relational poetics as a way to think and propose reconfiguration of times and spaces to coexist. In 2018 she founded the art gathering Abrindo a Sala (Opening the Room). She was an artist in residence at: Lincoln/Argentina in the art residency COMUNITARIA, Nov 2019; Olhos D’agua/GO in the art residency “Processos em residencia” with Christus Nobrega (2018); Brasilia/DF in the art residency Performance Ouvidoria with Luciana Paz & Solos Performaticos with Semolina Tomik [ES/CR] (2018); Guanajuato/ México in the art residency “Afecto Societal” (2018); Brasilia/DF in the art residency with Herman Diephuis (FR) (2016); and in Ipatinga/ MG in the art residency “Corpografias”(2013). In addition to these collaborations, she organises a cycle of residencies in which she directly investigates the relations of the ‘poetics of invitation’ in collaboration with local artists through which she crosses. The ‘Poetics of Invitation’ have already been explored during: Teresina/PI, “Poeticas relacionais: modos de convidar”(2018); Brasilia/ DF, “Quando convidar vira poesia” & “Formacao de Elenco Abrindo a Sala”; and Salvador/BA, “Visitando Transitos.


Janaina lived in Australia from 2014 to 2016, where she circulated with works that investigate Open Processes in Composition, some of which are: Waiting Room (Fringe World Festival / Perth Centre for Photography), Encounters (Short Cuts / STRUT Dance) and A Picnic (The Kiss Club/ CIA Studios). In Perth / WA she worked at the National Centre for Choreographic Development STRUT Dance and participated in the Proximity Festival team. Janaína is a current PhD candidate through the University of Auckland Dance Studies department. She holds a Masters in Performing Arts from the University of Brasília (Brazil).

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Joanna Cook lived overseas for 11 years and worked with dance-makers such as Jason Winters (JWCT), Rafael Bonachela (SDC), Erica Sobol, Danielle Ohn (KCDC), Yamit Kalef (Cullberg, Mats Ek, Ohad Naharin, Jiiri Kylian, and Itzik Galili), Iran Sharabi, Eyal Dadon, Oded Graff, Andy and Diane Noble (Noble Motion), Nina Fajdiga (Flying Low/ Passing Through) and Chisato Ohno (Batsheva). She collaborated with Emma Cosgrave and Abi Jones (Tempo), Amber Liberte (Akl-Babel, The Basement Theatre), Jay Bailey (Off the Cusp), Corinne Urquhart (Dance Spot/Earth Hour). Between 2019-2021 Joanna engaged in multimodal research works entitled: Line Age (2019), Them:Me:Us (2019), 3R (2020 - Co-created with Janaina Moraes) and Fragments of Silent Skin (2020-2021). The writing produced through the making of Them:Me:Us was recently published in the Journal of Artistic Research (2021). Joanna’s works centre around the lineage of story, of how stories are suppressed, expressed and passed down the generations, and the recognition of the residual effects. She is interested in creating engaging performance that is experiential, immersive and engages with interdisciplinary materiality including soundscapes, installation, voice, poetics, video documentation.


Joanna’s most recent works explore democratic choreographic processes, power relations, feminist practices, multiple life cycles of objects, multi-modality and writing in the expanded field. Her most recent obsession interacts with tea bags. Using the tea bag in its intended form then unpicking, recycling the tea leaves and cleaning the skins to be repurposed into a second skin within embodied research then they were made into artist books as a third recycling of ‘life’ for the skin to live on in a new form. Joanna continues to be inspired by lineage and is currently exploring socially constructed lineage and inheritance and the possibilities of the ‘undoing-ness’ of the metaphorical skin. Joanna is a dance artist, researcher and teacher who recently submitted her Masters work through the University of Auckland Dance Studies department. She holds a Postgraduate Diploma in Dance Studies from the University of Auckland and graduated with distinction.

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Adam Ben-Dror is a multidisciplinary artist, designer and researcher currently teaching design at Victoria University Wellington and working in urban farms across Te Awakairangi with the Common Unity Project Aotearoa.Most recently he has collaborated with Xin Cheng to make two video works shown at the Dowse. The work considers the public museum as a site for sharing precious local stories by offering a place to slow down and experience the moments of kinship between humans and the natural world and the possibilities for diverse co-existence and care with our local environments. His work has been exhibited at the Barbican Center (London), Tekniska Museet (Stockholm), Science Gallery (London), Bal Robotov (Moscow), Design Week (Istanbul), Onassis Stegi (Athens) and his performance works have been presented at The Performance Arcade and Performance Art Week Aotearoa. He operates a makeshift cafe on wheels at climate activist events and gatherings and runs the Negative Emissions and Waste Studies Programme Pōneke. Previously he has co-hosted a workshop series exploring free-form play and designed interactive public sculptures for Auckland City Council while working at the multi disciplinary Design Studio Alt Group. Adam has a Postgraduate diploma in Fine Arts from the University of Auckland and a Bachelor of Design Innovation from Victoria University Wellington. He has also studied design and robotics at Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh. 

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Caio Silva a.k.a Fantasmão is a researcher and undisciplined artist born and raised in Teresina, Brazil. He graduated in Social Communication and did a Masters in Anthropology, both at the Federal University of Piauí. He is currently doing a PhD in Cultural Anthropology at Te Herenka Haka - Victoria University of Wellington in New Zealand, researching political and ontological radicalism in contemporary art of Brazil and Latin America. He has experience working with Afro-diasporic independent art, especially through music, dance, photography and video. He is a founding member of the Baile Afrosamurai collective and worked at JUNTA - International Festival of Contemporary Dance (Teresina/BR), The Performance Arcade (Wellington/NZ) and What If the City Was a Theater (Wellington/NZ). 


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The artists wish to acknowledge all the past, current and future be(com)ings that move
our ecologic imagination. Special thanks to Deborah Fletcher, Liam Prince, Neža
Jamnikar, Maryam Bagheri Nesami, Yin-Chi Lee, Ellen Melville Center, Dance Studies (University of Auckland).