We have a fantastic collection of live art lined up for the year. Some of our performers are in the iconic containers and some we've let loose in the city. Whether you are a 'foodie' or a local music buff, there is something for everybody at the Arcade. Check out our schedule below to see what's on.

Container Series

The Performance Arcade’s signature programme of works returns, with a new range of performance, works installed in shipping containers. Open from 10 am - 11 pm each day, this exciting lineup features some of the best artists in this field from around the world and NZ, free to the Wellington public.

Live Music Series

Our 2020 lineup is an outstanding selection of Wellington’s best musical talents. Headline acts include Panthalassa (a concert derived from the sounds of the Tasman Sea), and The Crossing, a special online, multi-city concert performed simultaneously in Wellington and Berlin, featuring Samin Son, Hinemoana Baker, Daniel James, and Takumi Motokawa. Other confirmed acts include SOG, Ingrid and the Ministers, O & THE MO, Freezing Works, Vorn, Model Motel, Brazza, Neil Macleod, ZO, Dr Reknaw, Lola, Connor x Lotu, and Bad Hagrid.

Waterfront Series

Some works are uncontainable. This programme features works that travel along the waterfront and into the city, opening up new dialogues between live art and urban environments. The Waterfront Series transforms the whole city into a theatre, inviting audiences to discover new experiences at every corner. You can find many of these works by following Te Rārangi Māwhero / The Pink Line.

The Pink Line

Te Rārangi Māwhero

This graphic intervention on Wellington Waterfront provides a 2km long index and navigational device for the exciting programme of experiences to be found across our harbourfront cafés, bars, museums, galleries, restaurants, public sculptures, town squares, and other places. Follow the pink line to discover everything that Wellington Waterfront has to offer, from January to March 2020.

Queens Wharf

The Performance Arcade has teamed up with Wellington City Council and the Queens Wharf community to produce a six-week programme of free music and activities every Saturday from 25 January to 29 February.


Join us under the sails at Queens Wharf to get a taste of The Arcade: the gateway to The Pink Line will be host to an exciting mix of events, live music and interactive activities for all ages. Relax with a picnic in our specially designed seating areas, try out special discounted dinners at the local restaurants and bars, or grab a bite from one of the food trucks—and enjoy a wide range of live music and performance. Head to the link below for full programme information.

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Wednesday 26 Feb